Just your typical college kid obsessed with sex and drugs.

Guys I’m seeing my idol in person this week I don’t think anyone can understand how fucking excited I am for this.


If u think someone (me) is cute you should tell them (me)

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Every weekend I tell myself I’m not gonna drink so much anymore and then every weekend I get so drunk I don’t remember 3/4’s of the shit I do. Oops.


If you grab my hips or run your fingertips over my lower stomach we’re having sex.

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Comfortably numb

The amount of times I’ve said “sorry mom” since I’ve been in college is unreal


What a color scheme. I would have a damn hard time deciding how to paint each section of trim on a Victorian.

"It is easier to love your body when you think of it as a landscape with your peaks and meadows, oceans and valleys."


when u want to be friends with someone but you have no idea how to start a friendship with them and you’re just kinda like 


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Schoolboy Q - Sex Drive (featuring Jhene Aiko)